Friday, December 11, 2015

What does a customer want?

A smile, a nod, good food, product knowledge, sincere words, trust?

You have determined what a customer wants.

You have created the culture that which your associates should live.

You have outlined your expectations for good solid customer service.

You have set training guidelines to exceed a customers' expectation.

You analyze trends, sales, and margins.
Now what? 

Are your associates performing at the level that which you have established for true customer satisfaction?  
The first several statements are usually met with a resounding "Check"!  But the last, that last question is like a sucker punch to the gut in some ways.  Many CEO's, Presidents, Managers, Leaders are excellent at building the culture, setting the expectations, and analyzing the trends.  But when asked if their associates are performing at the highest level, guaranteeing solid customer return rates, many are not quite sure how to answer that. 

Evaluating, Analyzing, Designing, Implementing, Training, Rewarding - Maximizing Potential and Encouraging Best Practice through Customer Experience Management with Circle of Service. We are there, every step of the way.  Building a culture, setting expectations is one thing - but living up to the culture is another.  Now what? 

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